My 5 main methods of making money online

My 5 main methods of making money online

Wow the topic of making money on the internet is quite a large and interesting one. Where does one begin? There is so much information online that it’s almost impossible for a beginner to sift through all the information without getting information overload and just throwing their hands up and quitting. However, it doesn’t always need to be like that. You’re lucky that you’ve stumbled upon this blog and this post because I am going to tell you exactly the 5 main methods of making money online (That are evergreen), so it will save you from having to buy this, and buy that.. (Though you still need to get in depth knowledge of each of these methods) and getting mislead along the way.

So without further ado, here are my 5 main methods of making money online.

1. Building a list and marketing products to it.
Let’s start off with the easiest of the bunch and this is building a list and marketing products to it or even selling traffic from your list. This is by far the simplest method to make money online. You create an account at GeminiFly, MailChimp, Aweber or GetResponse (Or any of the endless amount of Mailing services), you setup a landing/squeeze page to acquire leads (A simple 1 page form where the user can enter in their email in exchange for a free gift/pdf/document/video of something of value (obviously that teaches/shows them something)), and then you start buying ads (via solo ads, ppc or any other means) to get traffic to this page and once you’ve built up a sizable subscriber base you can start recommending products to them and deliver value. Or you can even sell clicks from your list to other people who want to sell something through your list, completely up to you. But that’s about it and its very very easy.

2. Search engine optimization
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the way of getting traffic by having knowledge of how to setup pages in such a way so that the search engines will rank your pages better due to you setting things up in a way that they prefer. Now that is on-page SEO and there is also off-page SEO which involves building links with other websites, getting links back from them etc. The more links and higher quality links that you have the better that you will rank for your keywords. Once you are ranked for your specific keywords and you have the traffic coming in, you can make money via a variety of ways, marketing your own products or other people’s products.

3. Cryptocurrency investing/mining
This is the new craze and if you look on any social media newsfeed, it’s not likely that you’ll go without seeing a single post about bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency (If you work online and if you’re contacts are people who work online). There is huge opportunity to ride the hype-train and you’ll see that with any kind of frenzy there will also be

4. Content Writing/Copywriting/Blogging
If you are good at communicating or have a way of words, you should definitely look into writing content/copywriting or blogging. It is a mighty fine outlet for the racing mind and for those who are mercurial in nature. Viewers love to consume written content especially when it is fed to them regularly and provides useful content material.

5. Software/web development
Saved the best for last. If you are a logical type or have a mathematical/analytical mind, then software/web development could be for you. There is by far the hardest yet the most rewarding. Having creativity will pay off in spades and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve created something that will benefit many people (If what you’ve created is innovative or useful enough).

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