How to be a super affiliate (Without selling your soul!)

Ah.. becoming a super affiliate. The goal of every affiliate marketer. Is there any affiliate marketer out there that doesn’t want to make millions of dollars? I seriously doubt it. Well there’s the newbie affiliate marketer who’s just testing and dabbling or the “half-ass I’m so unfocused I don’t know what I’m doing marketer”, but even they want to succeed and make a fortune with affiliate marketing.

The question is then.. how does one become a super affiliate marketer making millions of dollars in the process? Before we answer that. Let’s define what a super affiliate is.

A super affiliate is the very top affiliate(s) in any affiliate network. They are the guys who are at the very height of their A-game. They are the affiliates that all affiliate networks want to recruit because when you have a super affiliate driving traffic through your network, your network’s revenue will go through the roof. They are the affiliates all other affiliates want to model their business after.

Now becoming a super affiliate is a matter of improving and educating yourself at this until you are so good you rise to the top.

How does one become a super affiliate (the ethical way without blackhat techniques) ? Well you will need a few qualities to achieve this.

It’s all about mindset. An optimistic goal oriented mindset, becoming self-driven, and a non-stop action taker.

Let’s talk about these things.

#1 is mindset, first and most importantly, your mindset must be a positive one where at the very minimum you have at least 90% positive thoughts occur in your mind at all times, anything less than that you will be very negative and not very effective because you’ll be bitching and moaning about everything. Now being positive.. thats just one part of mindset, the other part is believing in yourself and your abilities and that you can handle anything thrown at you with pizaaz. The mindset of being literally undefeatable.

You must believe that you are literally capable of accomplishing anything as long as you focus and you throw all of your energy behind it. The final part of hte mindset is you must be a self-driven, highly motiviated action taker. Meaning you make a list of all the things you need to do, and you have so much enthusiasm to do it you just can’t help yourself and you’re doing it all day, all night. You won’t rest until your goals manifest into reality because you want it so god damned bad.

These few things are the key to becoming a super affiliate, now you should always love to learn and be able to soak in whatever you need to soak in to get the task completed. But the mindset part is absolutely key, once you have that down.. your success as a super affiliate will definitely without a doubt be virtually guaranteed, it’s literally inevitable that you will be successful, and most likely sooner than later.

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